Ding Dong. Hard to believe but true!
We´re out of our heads. The Dreadnoughts will return to germany in 2020 supported by our friends The Porters.
Hot folkpunk nights in winter.

The Dreadnoughts Hamburg Hafenklang w/ The Porters
The Dreadnoughts Berlin SO36 w/ The Porters
The Dreadnoughts Hannover Béi Chéz Heinz w/ The Porters
The Dreadnoughts Aachen Musikbunker Aachen w/ The Porters


happy weekend friends! Satanic Surfers are going to hit the stage at 08:05 pm today at Street Mode Festival in Thesaloniki Greece. See you there!

28.09.2019 DE / Bergkamen / Soundclub Yellowstone

28.09.2019 DE / Übersee am Chiemsee / Freiraum Übersee

The Rumjacks
27.09.2019 SR / Pancevo / Apolo Dvorana
28.09.2019 GR / Thessaloniki / Street Mode Festival

Satanic Surfers
27.09.2019 GR / Thessaloniki / Street Mode Festival

27.09.2019 SWE / Stockholm / Broder Tuck
28.09.2019 SWE / Malmö / Folk å Rock (Official)


...Now it's cold outside...get in the clubs for a hot show!

Minipax 20.09. DE / Berlin / Schicksaal-Tommyhaus Heart Attack Fest 2019 Berlin
UK SUBS 20.09. ESP / Barcelona / Sala Salamandra No Future Fest Barcelona
Fahnenflucht 20.09. DE / Jena / Café Wagner Jena
Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation 20.09. DE / Thierstein / Kulturhammer e.V.
The Rumjacks 20.09. RO / Bucharest / Quantic
THE BACKYARD BAND 21.09. DE / Paderborn / The Woodstock Spirit
Ebri Knight 21.09. DE / Kiel / Alte Meierei Kiel
Fahnenflucht 21.09. DE / Torgau / Kulturhaus Torgau
Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation 21.09. CH / Solothurn / Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
Minipax 21.09. DE / Kronach / Struwwelpeter Kronach Panga Zamba
The Offenders 21.09. DE / Greiz / Festival für ein buntes Vogtland 2019
The Rumjacks 21.09. RO / Iasi / Underground Club
UK SUBS 21.09. ESP / Madrid / Sala But No Future Fest Madrid
Vodka Juniors 21.09. DE / Greiz / Festival für ein buntes Vogtland 2019

Happy weekend friends!

14.09.2019 DE / Dortmund / Bunt Statt Braun Umsonst&Draußen Festival 2019

Die Dorks
14.09.2019 DE / Dortmund / Bunt Statt Braun Umsonst&Draußen Festival 2019

14.09.2019 DE / Hamburg / Gängeviertel

The Rumjacks
13.09.2019 FR / Aze / V&B Fest
18.09.2019 RO / Cluj-Napoca / Flying Circus Cluj
19.09.2019 RO / Timisoara / Capcana

14.09.2019 DE / Dorsheim / Ackerkult präsentiert 30 laute Jahre Hängerbänd

Happy weekend friends! We start tonight with a sold out The Rumjacks show in Dortmund! See you there!

The Rumjacks (AUS)
06.09.2019 DE / Dortmund / Musiktheater Piano
07.09.2019 NL / Goes / 't Beest
08.09.2019 NL / Deventer / Burgerweeshuis

The Offenders (IT / Destiny Records)
07.09.2019 DE / Sarstedt / Sarstedt Open Air


"There's a class of common people, of workers, across borders, beliefs, nationalities, colors and genders that stands for human rights in constant opposition to autocrats, bankers and corrupted politicians. There's a Class of Nations“.

With a clear statement THE OFFENDERS introduce their 8th full lenght CLASS OF NATIONS out 29th of November 2019 on LONG BEACH RECORDS EUROPE! Streetpunk and mandolin's hammer-ons crash into the skapunk trademark that Offenders carry on since almost 15 years, a brand new sound for the CLASS OF NATIONS!

This is a public announcment / with whiskey and beer!!!
All you irish punx, celtic rockers, folk stompers. This is the festival for you and party of the year! Time to get your tickets, NOW!!!
Your Paddy Wagon Festival inmates.
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