Only tow days left 'till the tourstart of Idle Class & Fights And Fires in Essen / Panic Room.
Make sure to see both bands live on stage! Each band is awesome - but together they are f**king awesome!
And make sure to get a copy of their 7''! It's a real collectors item for everyone!

& Here is a special note:
On Monday, October 20th Idle Class will play their first acoustic show ever! This will be so much fun! See you there!

Dear friends of thrash!
REACTORY are announced at the Metal Hammer Paradise this november!
If you can not see them on this event, we suggest the following dates:
17.10. Altenburg // Rote Zora
18.10. Königsbrunn // YouZ
01.11. Osterode // United Forces Festival
07.11. Hannover // Stumpf Fest
08.11. München // Thrash Inferno 8
14.11. Neubrandenburg // AJZ
29.11. Göttingen // JUZ
06.12. Rostock // JAZ
12.12. Dresden // Chemiefabrik
21.12. Eindhoven (NL) // The Jack
24.01.15 Wolfsburg // Break Your Neck 8

BONSAI KITTEN will be on tour with The Adicts!

19.11.2014 GER @ Schlachthof Wiesbaden
20.11.2014 CH Lyss, Switzerland @ Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss
21.11.2014 GER Stuttgart, Germany @ Universum - Jack Daniel's Pilgerstätte

Don't miss that! It will be a big & colorful party!

Hey Friends!
Please note (while you listen to some great - new tunes!):
January, 16th 2015!
Record Release date of the 3rd Atlas Losing Grip Album. Stay tuned for more infos!

We are very sad.
The Pepper Pots broke up. We got the info last week...
This band is amazing! On their tour in September they got an amazing feedback from their fans and the promoter at the venues.

Thanks for a GOOD TIME with you guys. Hope we will meet again in the future. All the best!

"As you may imagine this is not the end: there will be new projects and more music." (The Pepper Pots // 01.10.2014)

Last shows:
4 d’octubre en La General (Berga)
1 de novembre a la sala Barts (Barcelona)
28 de novembre a la sala Stroika (Manresa)
29 de novembre a la sala La Mirona (Salt, Girona)

Yippie! We have a long weekend!

And there are only three things to do:
-> Visit Idle Class at Smile And Burn's "ACTION ACTION"-Record Release Party at cassiopeia Berlin on friday!

-> Say "Hi" to The Tips on sunday, october 5th @ Kulturkeller Neuss!

-> If you hang out near spain / catalonia make sure to go at least on one show of Talco!
02.10. Girona / Sala La Mirona
03.10. Zaragoza / Sala Lopez
04.10. Alicante / Marea Rock
05.10. Caceres / Sala Barroco

And of course: Have a great weekend!

Geldbeutel rausgeholt, Sparschwein zerkloppt und zwischen den Sofakissen geschaut!

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Auf, auf! Sagt doch auch noch euren Nachbaren, Freunden und der guten alten Tante bescheid. Die haben sicher auch noch ein bisschen Kleingeld in der Tasche.

Liebes SO36 - wir drücken dich und freuen uns auf viele weitere Jahre dir wir gemeinsam verbringen können. Wir freuen uns auf die kommenden Shows, die wir zusammen durchführen werden. & Auf die vielen strahlenden Gesichter, die nach einer SO36 - Muttis Booking - Show, ins Kreuzberger Nachtleben zurück stolpern.
Danke SO36, danke!

Pack out your purse, smash your piggy bank into pieces and look between the sofa cushions!
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Dear SO36 - we put our arms around you and look forward to many more years we will spend together. We're looking forward to the upcoming shows we will organize together. & On the many smiling faces after a SO36 - Muttis Booking - Show.

Thanks SO36, thank you!