Atlas Losing Grip:

Preorder "Currents" (Jan 16th, 2015) in the following configurations:

We know it's quite a lot different configurations, but we wanted to include the releases from both territories in our catalogue, feel free to choose!

We also have tons of new shirts! Let us know what you think!
What will you get? CD or Vinyl? What colour?"

Klick HERE to listen to one of the new songs with their new singer Niklas.

Make sure to get your tickets for the upcoming tour! Starts on January 22nd in Berlin at SO36!
More infos on


And again - Rodrigo Alfaro - Official is the singer of the record!


Hey everybody!

2015 is near. Only 3 weeks left! But don't be sad - 2015 will be great!
And here is another great announcement for the upcoming year.

Mavericks Association "Club Sin" from May 8th - 9th 2015 in Klubi / Tampere, Finland.
BONSAI KITTEN will play there on the first day of this great festival.
Talco on the second day!

So make sure to be a part of this special event.



Hey friends & Folks!
Weekend is near. Yay! Our bands know that and they are on their way to make your weekend awesome!
I guess one or two bands will hit the stage in a city near your. I bet!

05.12.2014 GER / Lübeck / Riders Cafe & Riders Classic

05.12.2014 GER / Saarbrücken / Juz Försterstr

06.12.2014 GER / Karlsruhe / Fanprojekt Karlsruhe „Moser Rockt!“

NH3 SKA/CORE & Talco
04.12.2014 GER / Gütersloh / Die Weberei
05.12.2014 GER / Bochum / Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum Kulturzentrum
06.12.2014 GER / Lindau / Club Vaudeville w/ Mad Caddies

The Offenders
05.12.2014 GER / Hamburg / Hafenklang
06.12.2014 GER / Magdeburg / Factory Magdeburg

The Tips
* Die Rakede

04.12.2014 GER / Frankfurt / Nachtleben Frankfurt*
06.12.2014 GER / Fürstenwalde / Parkclub Fürstenwalde w/ eSKAlation
07.12.2014 GER / Berlin / Magnet Club*
08.12.2014 GER / Dresden / Groove Station*
09.12.2014 GER / Köln / Blue Shell*
10.12.2014 GER / Hamburg / Übel und Gefährlich*
11.12.2014 GER / Essen / Freak SHOW
13.12.2014 GER / Saarbrücken / JuZ Försterstraße w/ Jaya The Cat

Hey Folks!
NH3 SKA/CORE are back on the road this week! They will share the stage with Talco! So don't miss them!
The show in Lindau will be with the Mad Caddies.

04.12.2014 GER / Gütersloh / Die Weberei w/ Talco
05.12.2014 GER / Bochum / Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum Kulturzentrum w/ Talco
06.12.2014 GER / Lindau / Club Vaudeville w/ Mad Caddies & Talco

The last few days of 2014 will be awesome! NH3 will hit the satge with the boys from The Prosecution! What a party!

26.12.2014 GER / Hof / X-Mas Festival
27.12.2014 GER / Eschwege / JUZ w/ The Prosecution
28.12.2014 GER / Berlin / Supamolly w/ The Prosecution
30.12.2014 GER / Köln / Sonic Ballroom w/ The Prosecution

See you there! Cheers!


Los Fastidios - officialpage made a video preview for two songs of their new record "Let's do it", out December 13th, 2014 on Kob Records!!! Check it out and share!!! We also had the pleasure to hear the full record already and it turned out great and its really diverse with some great Ska-Tunes!!!

Last day of the week! Already friday! Finally.
If you have no plans save these dates:

28.11. GER / Fürth / Kopf und Kragen
Loaded with The Droogiez

NH3 SKA/CORE & Talco
28.11. GER / Munich / Feierwerk +++SOLD OUT+++

only NH3
29.11. GER / Lörrach / Altes Wasserwerk
„Straight Ahead Festival - United Against Fascism (Vol. III)“

only Talco
29.11. GER / Weiden / Juz Festival
with Konflikt & Speichelbroiss

And our local tip for saturday (tomorrow):
The Tips supporting The Toasters at cassiopeia Berlin!

We are going to be on tour with them for one week - follow us on instagram to get great pics from the road.

Have a great weekend!