Hey folks!

After slowing down a bit for some years, Los Fastidios - officialpage are fully back now! With two new guys in the band they recorded their first new record since nearly 6 years and already have now more shows for 2015 planned, than they had in the last couple of years together.
For us "Let's do it" is probably their most diverse and most organic sounding record up to now!
The band is playing a handful of shows - the show at the St. Pauli Fanräume in Hamburg is already sold out! The band will come back in January for a longer German tour.

December shows:
26.12.2014 GER / Schwäbisch Gmünd / Esperanza - Schwäbisch Gmünd
27.12.2014 GER / Hamburg / Fanräume im Millerntorstadion SOLD OUT!
28.12.2014 GER / Kiel / Die Kieler Schaubude
29.12.2014 GER / Dresden / Chemiefabrik

Check the tourdates for all infos!

We promised you 2015 will be awesome! So here we go -
We are very, very happy and proud to annouce the reunion of the legendary band - SATANIC SURFERS!

In July, the guys around Rodrigo Alfaro - Official, will hit the stage of the spanish festival RESURRECTION FEST!

Visit & Like the following site for all infos & news: SATANIC SURFERS



Hey guys!
Look at the new lineup of Atlas Losing Grip! NICE!

The tour starts in 4 weeks! Did you already get your ticket?
Okay here is what you need to do.
Klick on the link below. Choose your city. Get a ticket (and some tickets for you family & friends - It's christmas!). & Looking foward to 2015!
Pretty easy! You also can preorder the upcoming album "Currents".




Last week in the office before holiday! (YIPPIEH!)

But of course, not for our bands! They will be on tour 'till the last day of 2014! Hard working people!
And we can promise - 2015 will be fantastic!! For us and for you!

Part 1 of the fantastic year 2015!
UK SUBS & TV Smith are back in Europe!

22.01.2015 NL / Zaandam / DE FLUX
23.01.2015 NL / Drachten / Poppodium Iduna
24.01.2015 GER / Hamburg / Fabrik Hamburg
25.01.2015 GER / Coesfeld / Fabrik Coesfeld [official]
27.01.2015 GER / Köln / Underground Cologne
28.01.2015 GER / Karlsruhe / Alte Hackerei
29.01.2015 FRA / Nilvange / Le Gueulard +
30.01.2015 GER / Stuttgart / Universum
31.01.2015 CH / Luzern / Sedel
01.02.2015 CH / Geneve / La Makhno
03.02.2015 FR / Valence / MISTRAL PALACE
04.02.2015 FR / St. Etienne / l'Assomoir
05.02.2015 ITA / Milano / Lo Fi Club
06.02.2015 ITA / Bologna / Covo Club
07.02.2015 SLO / Kranj / TrainStation Squat
08.02.2015 GER / München / Feierwerk
10.02.2015 A / Wien / ARENA WIEN
11.02.2015 CZ / Prag / Futurum Music Bar
12.02.2015 GER / Regensburg / Alte Mälzerei Regensburg
13.02.2015 GER / Berlin / SO36 w/ Grubby Things & Teenage Kicks Party - Aftershow
14.02.2015 GER / Magdeburg / Factory Magdeburg
16.02.2015 GER / Hannover / Béi Chéz Heinz
17.02.2015 GER / Groß Oesingen / Gasthof zur Linde
18.02.2015 GER / Kiel / Die Pumpe
19.02.2015 GER / Wilhelmshaven / Kling Klang
20.02.2015 GER / Essen / Panic Room Essen
21.02.2015 BEL / Brüssel / Magasin 4

Stay tuned for more infos!
Cheers! Have a nice week!!

Hey friends!
Great news to start into the weekend!
RedSka will be a part of the Open Air am Berg! The festival is on the 22nd & 23rd of May! RedSka will hit the stage on Friday, May 22nd!
So make sure to get your tickets soon!
Other bands are - Noise Island, Manki Mukke, Tir Nan Og and many more!

Tomorrow The Tips will support Jaya The Cat in Saarbrücken! Don't miss them!

& If you are in Itlay make sure to visit the record release party of Los Fastidios - officialpage! The new record is called "Let's Do It" - make sure to get a copy! The new album is amazing!

Have a nice weekend!!




Atlas Losing Grip:

Preorder "Currents" (Jan 16th, 2015) in the following configurations:

We know it's quite a lot different configurations, but we wanted to include the releases from both territories in our catalogue, feel free to choose!

We also have tons of new shirts! Let us know what you think!
What will you get? CD or Vinyl? What colour?"

Klick HERE to listen to one of the new songs with their new singer Niklas.

Make sure to get your tickets for the upcoming tour! Starts on January 22nd in Berlin at SO36!
More infos on www.muttis-booking.de


And again - Rodrigo Alfaro - Official is the singer of the record!


Hey everybody!

2015 is near. Only 3 weeks left! But don't be sad - 2015 will be great!
And here is another great announcement for the upcoming year.

Mavericks Association "Club Sin" from May 8th - 9th 2015 in Klubi / Tampere, Finland.
BONSAI KITTEN will play there on the first day of this great festival.
Talco on the second day!

So make sure to be a part of this special event.