Unglaubliche Aktion unserer Freunde von Masons Arms.

Zum 2. Geburtstag von unserem Album “von vorn“ gehen von heute an, für einen Monat, alle Einnahmen aus unserem Shop zu 100% an Sea-Watch.
Einfach eine Mail an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. schreiben.

Check this out. The Offenders just released their new single "Abstand".

HoHoHo to all bands, friends, fans and all you fantastic people !
Thanks for staying safe with us in this difficult year 2020.
We wish all of us and you A happy Channukah, Merry Xmas und a fxxkin' better New Year !
Let´s beat the bug now so we can see each other soon at one of the geat shows and tours, we still have planned and we are hoping to make it happen.

Let´s keep in mind:
No more wars - Peace now !
End Racism !!
Stop Sexism !!!
Always Antifacist !!!

Stay safe - stay rebel !
Muttis Booking Büro will lockdown for the rest of the year - back on january 11th in 2021 !

Yes, you got it right. TV Smith new record will be released soon via JKP.

First dates for the tour 2021 are confirmed.

15.04.2021 DE  / Dortmund / Subrosa

16.04.2021 DE / Nürnberg / Z-Bau

17.04.2021 DE / Frankfurt / DasBett

04.05.2021 DE / Hildesheim / Kulturfabrik Löseke Hildesheim
05.05.2021 DE / Braunschweig / KufA - Kultur für Alle Braunschweig e.V.
06.05.2021 DE / Hamburg / Hafenklang- Goldener Salon
08.05.2021 DE / Gevelsberg / Kuckucksnest

get in touch for more bookings with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy this great new song: Lockdown Holiday!!! 

Tell me why, i love monday news!!!

The Ruts D.C. Tour 2021 is confirmed and it will kill the pain!!! 

06.10.2021 DE  Hamburg  Knust

07.10.2021 DE  Bremen  Lagerhaus

08.10.2021 DE  Berlin  SO36

09.10.2021 DE  Hannover  Béi Chéz Heinz

11.10.2021 CZ  Prague  007 Club

12.10.2021 DE  Nürnberg  Z-Bau

13.10.2021 DE  Frankfurt  Das Bett

15.10.2021 DE  München  Rote Sonne

16.10.2021 DE  Dortmund  Musiktheater Piano

Dear Ruts/Ruts DC friends, fan, follower, if you are wondering about the shows, still online for 2020, but we are sad to tell, these shows will not happen in this year. You can imagine why. We are working hard to postpone these gigs to, most likely, oct 2021, but right now the band has to wait for further notice in regards of some UK postponements too, so nothing new is confirmed yet. We all are very sorry about this situation, but we like to be hopeful to make all this happen in 2021 at some time soon and so we will see all you good people back on the Ruts DC shows, in good health, staying safe and having the best show of your life, which this band allways can deliver - Muttis Booking loves Ruts / Ruts DC and all of you!


Passend zu den Temperaturen spielen die sehr guten Masons Arms am 08.08.20 auf der Gartenparty (Benefiz Reggae Jam) in Haltern am See. Stagetime ist 21:00 Uhr. 100 Leute sind unter Hygiene Bedingungen zugelassen !