Hey friends and family!
Ruts DC​ will be back on tour in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic & Switzerland.

Don't miss this awesome band. And listen to their best songs, e.g. "Babylon is burning", "Jah Wars", "Something that i said", "In a rut" and many many more.

Now in 2015 Segs handles the lead vocal / frontman duties with panache and respect while Ruffy sings backing vocals as well as holding down the perfect beat. Sounding fresh and with the songs still proving to carry an important message in these current times. The Ruts DC show is a must see.

23.09.2015 DE / Münster / Gleis 22​
24.09.2015 DE / Bremen / Lagerhaus
25.09.2015 DE / Berlin / Clash Berlin
26.09.2015 PL / Lodz / tba.
27.09.2015 CZ / Prague / 007 Club
29.09.2015 DE / Cologne / Sonic Ballroom
30.09.2015 DE / Essen / Panic Room Essen
01.10.2015 CH / Luzern / Sedel​

Hey friends!
This will happen tonight at the lovely SO36!
Come around and make sure to be in time.
The first band, Lennon Kelly, will blow your mind!
Second band - the legendary 99 Posse from Napoli!
Headliner of the evening are Banda Bassotti! Yeah!!

So - see you tonight, right?! CHEERS!

Hey Friends of good Thrash Metal!

REACTORY are back on the road to kick some ass!
First show is today in Karlsruhe. The next shows will be in Switzerland! So come around and enjoy the music!!

15.04.2015 DE / Karlsruhe / Alte Hackerei
16.04.2015 CH / Lausanne / Porno Diesel
17.04.2015 CH / Basel / Hirscheneck


Morning everybody!

The Real McKenzies in upcoming the Punkrock! Fanzine. Available on April, 17th! Make sure to a get your copy!
& Thanks to Dirk Herper Fotografie for the live pic!

Do you have some livepics of The Real McKenzies we need to see? Show us!

Europe tour starts in elven days - on April, 23rd! Finally!!

Hey friends!

The sun is back! & the weekend! Good times.
Of course. Your bands will hit the road in the next few days!
So don't miss them!

11.04.2015 DE / Rotenburg (Wümme) / Rotenburg Live „Cafe Wichernhaus“

The Tips
11.04.2015 CH / Davos / Box Davos

Talco & NH3 SKA/CORE
10.04.2015 DE / Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
11.04.2015 DE / Kiel / Die Pumpe

& our favorite FolkPunk-DJ - Spider Mahone will come back to Berlin. For our Folk Punk Rock Festival in Septemer. Check the Facebookpage for all infos!



Hey everybody!

Tomorrow Talco will be back in in Switzerland and Germany!
Make sure to get you ticket in adavance. This will be the last shows in Germany for 2015.
In Wiesbaden & Kiel they will share the stage with NH3 SKA/CORE!

09.04.2015 CH / Luzern / Sedel
10.04.2015 DE / Wiesbaden / Schlachthof w/ NH3
11.04.2015 DE / Kiel / Die Pumpe w/ NH3
12.04.2015 DE / Husum / Speicher
13.04.2015 DE / Hannover / Bei Chez Heinz

See you around! Cheers!

Hey friends!

Happy " The Real McKenzies - Rats In The Burlap - Release"-Day!
Hello World - there is a new and amazing album in town - many thanks to Fat Wreck Chords !

Get ready!
Get ready for some great punk rock tunes!
For some nice bagpipe sounds and for the fastest and finest THE REAL McKENZIES Album ever.
14 songs about the life on tour, haggis eating cats and about losing friends... !
Make sure to get your copy of "Rats in The Burlap" and your ticket for the upcoming tour, okay?

Check our homepage for all infos!
Europe tour starts on Thursday, 23rd of April in Vienna, ARENA WIEN.

(Video: Germany, sorry! Video doesn't work here. Thanks to the lovely (not!) GEMA. But try Proxtube for Firefox!)