Hey friends and fans of the Folk Punk Rock Festival,

We love you, you are great !
But it looks like we are not plenty.
3 month before our 2 nights of mayhem fest is supposed to take off, we got to say, the overall interest is realy slow.
Bearly any tickets were sold yet.
So we got to step back now and try to safe a smaller part of the entertainment and make shure, we dont just loose our ass - again....

So we like to inform everybody involved:
FPRF show and lineup on saturday the 26th at Wild at Heart, Berlin is canceled.
Sorry about that, we realy love those bands though.
We defenetly will folkpunkrock friday, the 25th of september 2015 with this line up:

Finnegan's Hell & The Grolschbusters
first time ever for the great Finnegans Hell from Malmö / Sweden
and the awesome well oiled and partyready Grolschbuster from Hengelo / Netherlands!!

So please come on and support us and the cause of folky Punkrock coming from around the World.
Here is the ticket link again

....make shure you will be there !!!

Much love and slainté !
Your FPRF crew



Hello folks! Here is an interview with Troy, the bass player of The Real McKenzies! Enjoy!

And all to your friends & family in Europe - listen closely! More news coming soon!


GOOD TIMES! Welcome our new familymember!

Here comes you new favorite band.
Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club from Vancouver, Canada.

Isotopes are the world’s greatest baseball punk band.
And in April 2016 - the guys coming to Europe! Finally!
(If you want the boys in city, just send us a e-mail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

“In an over saturated genre full of plenty of unnecessary filler, The Isotopes manage to stand out, both because of their love of baseball and their well crafted songs.” – Punksite

You are fan of the great Ramones? Of the Cyanide Pills (New and Official)? The Hanson Brothers? Give them a listen!! You will love them.


Isotopes are:
#13 Evan October – LV
#10 Dallas Duststorm – G / BV
#99 Vlad Zak – BG / BV
#14 Trevor Uppercutz – D
#17 Justin Safely – G / BV
#7 Tony Hustle – D


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Have a nice Tuesday!

"When little Johnny Rotten screamed "God Save The Queen"
What'd he mean? Hey! What th' fuck 'd he mean?"
by The Real McKenzies.

Good morning everybody!
Let's start the 26th week of 2015 with a video from TOPPER!
Here is their new single "So what you gonna do"! (The Monday isn't that bad anymore - right!?)

Stay tuned for more infos! 2015 will be gooooood! Cheers!