We create an alternative to-do-list to hanging out at home this weekend:

14.11.2014 GER / Idar-Oberstein / JAM - Jugendtreff am Markt
15.11.2014 GER / Aachen / "Antifa Soli Show" AZ Aachen

Idle Class
15.11.2014 GER / Ballonfabrik Augsburg - Fabrik Unique
16.11.2014 GER / Dortmund / Nordpol

The Offenders
14.11.2014 GER / Leipzig / Noels Ballroom
15.11.2014 GER / Eichstätt / "Open Air am Berg Warm Up" Weinhäusl

13.11.2014 BLR / Minsk / Club Re:Public
14.11.2014 RUS / Bryansk / Club Zeh
15.11.2014 RUS / Moscow / Teatr Club
16.11.2014 RUS / St Petersburg / Backstage club

>>> please note! Next week is The Adicts - Tour - Time!!! <<<
19.11.2014 GER / Schlachthof Wiesbaden *
20.11.2014 CH / Kulturfabrik KUFA Lyss *
21.11.2014 GER / Stuttgart / Universum - Jack Daniel's Pilgerstätte *
22.11.2014 NL / Eindhoven / SPEEDFEST
* supported by BONSAI KITTEN

All dates on our ON TOUR segment!

Have fun!

Only four days left until The Offenders will hit the stage at Noels Ballroom in Leipzig again!

Hidy ho friends!
It's almost weekend - time for some tips for your night outs:

Idle Class:
08.11. GER / Rhauderfehn / Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Rhauderfehn e.V.

07.11.14 Hannover / Stumpf Fest
08.11.14 München / Da Wirtshauser "Thrash Inferno 8"

Cyanide Pills (New and Official):
06.11.2014 ESP / Burgos / Estudio 27
07.11.2014 ESP / Vitoria / Helldorado
08.11.2014 ESP / Castellon / Four Seasons
09.11.2014 ESP / Barcelona / Lupita del Raval

The Roughneck Riot:
06.11.2014 GER / Aulendorf / IrReal
07.11.2014 FR / Aarlon / L'Entrepôt À Arlon

08.11.2014 AUT / ARENA WIEN (farewell concert)

08.11.2014 GER / Berlin / Nimmerland Festival, Schicksaal-Tommyhaus

And finally we proudly present to you the new cover of Los Fastidios - officialpage's new record "Let's Do It" - klick here!

Have a great weekend.

Good morning folks!
Let's start this week with a Buzzcocks - Video!

Make sure to get you tickets in advance!
06.03.2015 GER / Hamburg / Knust - http://www.tixforgigs.com/site/Pages/Shop/ShowEvent.aspx?ID=10636

07.03.2015 GER / Berlin / BiNuu - http://www.koka36.de/buzzcocks_veranstaltung_62244.html

Cheers! Have a nice week everybody.

Thursday! And tomorrow is friday!
Also halloween is just around the corner - but we don't care and send some bands on the road:
-> Los Fastidios - officialpage! Today in munich @ kafe marat

-> The Offenders! Together with Loaded! 31.10. @ Café Central / Weinheim

-> The boys and girl of The Roughneck Riot driving around in their very cool van and play today at AJZ Weißenburg - 31.10 in munich at Kafe Kult!

-> Also on october 31st! BONSAI KITTEN are going to hit the stage at the "Viva La Horror Festival" / Musiktheater BAD in hannover!

-> Talco! In a couple of hours in Lleida @ La Boite (CAT). Tomorrow in Murcia at Garage Beat Club!

-> Still on the road is TV Smith with The Bored Teenagers which play a best of The Adverts! Until sunday in a town near you:
30.10. - Explosiv Graz
31.10. & 01.11. - Stoned Leipzig
02.11. Cologne / Sonic Ballroom

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

"There are hardly any bands performing today that genuinely deserve the adjective ‘legendary’. Buzzcocks are one of those very few."

Ladies and Gentlemen!
We are happy and proud to announce two shows of the legendary Buzzcocks from London (ex-Manchester) / England:

Knust Hamburg

Berlin // Bi Nuu
brought to you by radioeins

Tickets are available! Don't miss the chance. These two shows are the only ones in germany!
Klick here to see the full flyer.


Ladies and gentlemen!

We are happy to announce The Tips' newest video of "My Girlfriend's Mother Is A Cop"!
Proudly presented by www.rollingstone.de!

Please follow this link: http://bit.ly/1xcrEZo

We had a great time shooting a couple of scenes in berlin with the guys. Hopefully you enjoy the video as much as we do!