7 weeks later. The Rumjacks - Tour is over.
And... there are no words to describe how happy we are with every single show.
Thanks to all the promoters and the people at the venues.
Thanks to all the great and lovely fans out there!

Thanks to Tomasz! Who took care of the guys - for seven weeks! Thanks for keeping them alive! We will see you soon!

& of course - THANKS to THE RUMJACKS. We had so much fun working with you guys! We see you in 2016! Booking starts now! xxxxx

Watch the video for some pics & videos for their Europetour 2015!



Happy Monday everybody!

Tomorrow, september 01st TV Smith will hit the road again:

01.09.2015 DE / Essen / Anyway „20 Jahre Anyway“
02.09.2015 DE / Giessen / DIETRICH (On the Rocks / Under the Rocks)
03.09.2015 DE / Landshut / Schwarzer Hahn
04.09.2015 DE / München / STROM
05.09.2015 DE / Chemnitz / Subway to Peter “20 Jahre Subway To Peter Festival”

Please note: The show in Essen is already sold out (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY!!! <3 ). So make sure to get your tickets in advance or be on site early. Have fun!

Brace yourself - september is coming!

To celebrate the last days in august we recommend following shows:
Please welcome COLT 45 in germany. The guys will drive through the country during the next days. Maybe to a town near you?
27.08.2015 DE / Essen / Anyway
28.08.2015 DE / München / Kafe Kult
29.08.2015 DE / Stoned Leipzig
02.09.2015 DE / Berlin / Wild At Heart
03.09.2015 DE / Plan B Bielefeld

Also on the road are:
Atlas Losing Grip
29.08.2015 DE / Gränichen / Openair Gränichen

Idle Class
29.08.2015 DE / Herne / Open Air

The Tips
28.08.2015 DE / Isny im Allgäu / Open Air
29.08.2015 DE / Münster / Christopher Street Day

The Rumjacks
27.08.2015 DE / Aachen / The Wild Rover Irish Pub
28.08.2015 NL / Haarlem / Patronaat Haarlem
29.08.2015 DE / Flensburg / Hafermarkt Flensburg
30.08.2015 DE / Essen / Südrock Nachtkneipe

Check out Idle Class' new video "Worn Out Shoes" below. We love it!

Los Fastidios will release a new EP "So rude, so lovely" on September 12th, right in time for their tour in germany that starts a week later. They recorded 3 brand new songs and added 5 bonus tracks. The bonus tracks include a coverversion of "Bella Ciao" and new versions/ mixes of 4 songs from their last record they made together with De Veggant (Ex-Redska). You can preorder it at Kob Records or get it on the merch at one of these shows:

18.09.2015 DE / Chemnitz / AJZ Talschock
19.09.2015 DE / Berlin / Clash
21.09.2015 DE / Hannover / Bei Chez Heinz
22.09.2015 DE / Hamburg / Hafenklang
23.09.2015 DE / Köln / Sonic Ballroom
24.09.2015 DE / Darmstadt / Öttinger Villa
25.09.2015 DE / Karlsruhe / Alte Hackerei


Hey friends,

as it seems, a The Adicts tour will never end!
We are very happy to announce another show - saturday, november 28th 2015, Fabrik Hamburg!

Check out the eventpage, like, share and (of course) join the party!
Just 14 weeks and 4 days left. We can't wait!

Get ad(d)icted!

Hey everybody!
We hope you had a great weekend.

Let's start with some very great news.
The Offenders will release "X" in october, a brand new record with 12 songs to celebrate ten years on the road.
It's going to be awesome!
More infos will follow soon.

Hey everybody!
On Saturday, August 15th 2015 - Satanic Surfers will hit the stage at the Highfield Festival!
Together with other great bands like The Menzingers, Millencolin Official, THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, Apologies, i have none and many more! Check their homepage for more infos!

Showtime is 14.00 on the Green Stage!
Hope to see you there! The whole office will be there too! So - let's have a beer!