Yeah, big surprise for all Punks who are lucky enough and saved their tickets!

Ruts DC will support Die Ärzte on 2 dates in June ´22.

It's annoying,

but we have to let you know that all Germany shows from The Rumjacks are postponed to 2022!



It is with great sadness that the U.K. Subs have to announce that they have been informed by their European Tour Booking Agency, Muttis Booking, that they have had to postpone the forthcoming scheduled 21 date tour of the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland that was to run from 14 January 2022 to 6 February 2022.

This is an unfortunate decision that Muttis have not taken lightly, but due to the current ongoing Coronavirus pandemic across Europe, there came a point where the health and safety of all of their touring bands, the Subs included, had to take priority as the main concern of all those involved with their fabulous shows which they organise and promote.

A huge amount of work has already gone into both organising, as well as now re-arranging these dates, so with this decision to postpone the tour to January and February 2023 please be aware that a few gig venues could be changed, but all will hopefully fall back into place over the next year…

Please contact your ticket vendor if you require a refund or for confirmation of a re-arranged date, where your ticket will remain valid.

The Subs would like to thank all those at Muttis who are working incredibly hard, under an intense amount of pressure and disappointment behind the scenes to ensure the future of live music across Europe…

From Ex Tour to Next Tour.

Even The Offenders have a new tour schedule. 


The Rumjacks are in Poland right now and we are sorry to announce that some of the dates in Germany have to be postponed.


With a heavy heart Destiny Tourbooking, No Fun At All & Satanic Surfers have decided to not go ahead with the planned European tour, which should have started one week from now. As the situation in Europe is getting worse day by day, it doesn’t feel good for us to be touring right now. Given that this joint tour of both bands was originally scheduled for 2020 we have decided to no re-schedule it a third time, but concentrate on future plans instead.

Much love,
Destiny Tourbooking
No Fun At All
Satanic Surfers

Introducing Magic Dave Humphries 

The brand new U.K. Subs drummer

...exclusive first interview with T&M



 The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage 1 November 2021



Monday 1 November 2021



The U.K. Subs are absolutely delighted to announce via the U.K. Subs Time & Matter website that their new drummer is DAVE HUMPHRIES.

Dave, usually known as MAGIC DAVE, will be the Subs’ permanent drummer on their forthcoming scheduled tours, having made his Subs debut in the late afternoon today, 1 November 2021, at the Sinner’s Day Festival in Belgium. (see below)

Dave also currently drums for punk band 4ft Fingers as well as metal band Reign of Fury.

Aged 41, Dave will make his Subs UK debut at the start of the annual Winter tour in Nottingham on the 18th, the first of the 18 dates booked around England.