The Cyanide Pills started life after a few mates, who’d been in bands around the Leeds area decided to pool their resources and form the band they all really wanted to be in, this was mid 2008. They contacted Carl ‘Razorblade’ Rosamond and went into The Billiard Room studios in Leeds and a few months later demos were sent out to a few labels, including Damaged Goods Records in London, who liked what they heard and in early 2009 their debut single ‘Break It Up’ came out.

To sum it up they are a bunch of dysfunctional misfits, outsiders, people with ‘baggage’ and untrustworthy losers. But they make a great sound, so forget this biog crap and go listen to them. It’s the only thing they do well!!

After another couple of European tours they headed into The Billiard Room again and started recording their second album. ‘Up Against The Wall’ came out as a single in December 2011 and this was followed by a German 7” with another track that later appeared on the second album called ‘Johnny Thunders lived in Leeds’.

To tie in with the Cyanide Pills first appearance at the ‘Rebellion Festival’, which is held every year in Blackpool, UK another 7” came out, called ‘Where Did It Go?’ backed with the original version of ‘Lock Me Up’. 2013 saw another UK & European tour and the April release of their second album ‘Still Bored’, another 17 tracks of kick-ass, Punk Rock, New Wave, Power Pop goodies.

Now they are back to the studio for a third album due late 2014.



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